ST-Koneistus starts the complete renovation of Tulotie 4 premises

ST-Koneistus starts the complete renovation of Tulotie 4 premises
 | 05.05.2023

The renovation is expected to be finished in November 2023.

At the end of the last year, ST-Koneistus announced that it had acquired neighbor property Tulotie 4, which includes a 1,000m2 industrial hall on a hectare-sized plot.

Now the plan for the property is ready, and we are starting the complete renovation of the premises. The project holds inside-out renovation of the acquired property and a 500m2 expansion, including 150m2 new office space.

After the renovation, ST-koneistus’ assembly and testing operations will be located in Tulotie 4, leaving more room for machining operations to expand in Hopeatie 3.

The new production facility and related arrangements are our preliminary steps towards our grand vision to become Europe’s leading hydraulic manifold and system manufacturer

ST-Koneistus Oy is Finland’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic manifolds and components specializing in demanding special series. For over 50 years, our mission has been to help hydraulic companies and the mechanical engineering industry manufacture high-quality end products. Over the decades, our hydraulic products have been delivered to dozens of countries worldwide.