Hydraulic manifolds and components

We deliver production batches of all sizes cost-effectively.


Custom-made components for demanding mechanical engineering industry

We manufacture high-quality hydraulic manifolds and components for the mechanical engineering industry and hydraulic suppliers around the world.

Our products can be found in, for exampleforestry machinery, mining equipment, yachts, agricultural machinery, hydraulic accessories, as well as various other items.

Examples of our products:

  • Hydraulic manifolds and components such as sub-plates
  • Turning parts
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Subassemblies / prefabricated hydraulic systems
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Hydraulic components also in small batches

We manufacture small and medium batches cost-effectively with the Fast Track prototype machine alongside other production.

In addition, we use the Palletech system, which is particularly well suited for short but repetitive batches. Read more about our Palletech system.

Note! Machining programs for prototypes as such are also applicable in serial production, which speeds up the start of the batches.

Most commonly used materials:

  • Hydax: Hydraulic manifold steel
  • Polax: Hydraulic manifold steel
  • UCB 500-7: (GGG50)
  • EN AW-7075: Strong and short-chip alloy with passable corrosion resistance, weldability and anodizability.
  • EN AW-6082: Good strength and corrosion resistance – suitable for welding and anodizing.
  • EN 1.4404 (Acid resistant)
  • EN 1.4305 (Stainless)

Coating options:

  • BlackNite®
  • Corr-I-Dur®
  • Yellow electro depositing
  • Clear electro depositing
  • Anodizing
  • Painting

Continuous development and optimization of components

We constantly review our customers’ products, based on which we actively provide product-related consultation.

If we find a better way to manufacture the product, we present it to the customer and provide a new, even cheaper offer for the series. 

Product optimization can result in, for example:

  • Lighter product
  • Savings in material costs
  • Shorter delivery time
  • Improved product functionality
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Be it any machine or device, hydraulics allow no errors. Therefore, the design and machining programming of ST-Koneistus products are the responsibility of experienced people who have received professional training.


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