Our quality and environmental policy

Our quality and environmental policy

We want to produce quality products in a sustainable manner.

In all its operations, ST-Koneistus adheres to its quality and environmental policy, written in accordance with its strategy.

In general, ST-Koneistus is committed to manufacturing all its products at the quality level required by its customers. In addition, all our employees responsible for customer service have been instructed to respond to our customers’ queries without delay. We also go through all customer feedback submitted and evaluate the need for measures separately for each case.

We actively measure the achievement of our set quality criteria and pay attention the continuous improvement of our operations both in our strategy and our everyday operation.

In addition, we develop the skills of our staff through trainings related to each employee’s job description. At the end of the day, our management is committed to offering the preconditions needed to realise all-encompassing quality in all our operations across the organisation.

Our environmental policy requires us to identify the environmental effects of our operation and protect actively our environment. Our employees are trained and instructed in the matters required by our environmental policy, and we actively seek to improve our employees’ general environmental awareness. We inform our cooperation partners and stakeholders about our goals and requirements related to environmental friendliness and recycling.

The environmental and quality policy of ST-Koneistus requires the company to develop its operation continuously, and it obliges the company to adhere to all the valid laws, government regulations and standards that apply to the products supplied by ST-Koneistus or that must be adhered to in Finland or within the EU. We are also an ISO 9001 and 14 001 certified company.


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