Pressure transformers

Pressure transformers

Hydraulic system automatic transmission.

POWER+ pressure transformers

Power+ utilizes the original pressure level and volume flow rate of the system as long as the power requirement exceeds the reference point.

With Power+, the same cylinder can produce up to 1.4-2.2 times the power, depending on the cylinder.

SPEED+ pressure transformers

Speed+ increases the cylinder speed in light motion, but reduces its power at the same time. As power requirement increases, the pressure transformer disconnects and restores the system to its original pressure level and volume flow rate.

Hydraulic pressure transformers’ mechanics.

Hydraulic system automatic transmission

Pressure transformers manufactured and marketed by ST-Koneistus are used, for example, in tractor-driven accessories, such as:

  • Hook lifts
  • Energy grapples
  • Splitting machines
  • In other agricultural and forestry equipment – multiple applications!

Pressure transformer is comparable with automatic transmission that switches the gear in the hydraulic system up or down when necessary.

The pressure transformer regulates the ratio of speed and power between the pump and the cylinder.  A threshold value can be set for the pressure transformer as it participates in the operation of the system.

Pressure transformers
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