Cleanroom facilities

Cleanroom facilities

Our assembly and testing operations take place in an isolated clean room.

Assembly in a cleanroom ensures reliable hydraulics

 The greatest risk of contaminants entering the hydraulic system is just between the cleaning and further processing of the component after manufacture. 

At ST-Koneistus, the assembly and testing of hydraulic systems always take place in cleanroom facilities that are isolated from other production.

Air cleanliness monitoring screen
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The cleanliness of our assembly facility is ensured in the following manner:

  • Space is over-pressurized.
  • Intake air is filtered.
  • All products brought into the room are cleaned.
  • The space is accessed through double doors, one of which is always closed.

Air cleanliness monitoring equipment is also installed in the space, the measurement results of which are visible in real time. In addition, all air purity-related data is stored in a cloud service.

Why is cleanliness important?

Machinery and equipment incorporating hydraulics are extremely sensitive to contaminants. Even a small particle in the hydraulic system of a forestry or mining machinery can stop work for days.

Anticipating the problem is difficult, because contaminants in the oil circuit of hydraulic systems cannot be completely screened in test operation, as they may take tens of hours to set in motion in the system. 

It is also worth noting that the contaminant can result in a significant loss of revenue and repair costs for the operator. In the worst case, a stalling machine poses a danger to the machine operator or bystanders around the machine.

Quality and environmental policy
ISO 9001:2015
Quality management

Valid November 30th 2025.

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental management

Valid November 30th 2025.

Our quality and environmental policy.

We make quality
that matters.

Be it any machine or device, hydraulics allow no errors. Therefore, the design and machining programming of ST-Koneistus products are the responsibility of experienced people who have received professional training.


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