Avant Tecno, Osku Hokkanen
Avant Tecno

”They know how to make high-quality hydraulic components.”

Osku Hokkanen, Sourcing Category Manager


Avant Tecno’s loader includes several hydraulic components manufactured by ST-Koneistus.

Avant Tecno is a Finnish company that manufactures compact loaders and related attachments. Their products are versatile and used for various tasks such as material handling, landscaping, construction, and agriculture. Avant loaders are known particularly for their agility, efficiency, and wide range of accessories.

The history of collaboration between ST-Koneistus and Avant Tecno is as long as Avant Tecno itself. The co-operation between the two has continued for over thirty years.

Currently, ST-Koneistus manufactures hydraulic blocks and connectors for Avant Tecno and also does some small-scale assembly work.

”Our collaboration has entered an exciting phase. We are creating several prototypes and discussing new partnership arrangements. Our collaboration may reach a new level in the coming years,” says Osku Hokkanen, Sourcing Category Manager responsible for Avant Tecno’s hydraulic components.

”When a supplier invests as actively as ST-Koneistus does, it builds up confidence in the future of collaboration.”

One of the most significant items that ST-Koneistus manufactures for Avant Tecno is a seven-sided aluminum manifold installed in the loader’s radiator. The manifold is designed to fit into a very tight space.

Overall, ST-Koneistus manufactures 5-6 different hydraulic components for Avant Tecno. The quantities produced have ranged around 10,000 pieces.

”Besides being a domestic supplier located right next door, ST-Koneistus also possesses excellent machining expertise. They know how to make high-quality hydraulic components, and they do it at what I consider to be competitive prices,” adds Hokkanen.

Hokkanen also highlights ST-Koneistus’ ongoing investments in assembly and aluminum block manufacturing.

”When a supplier invests as actively as ST-Koneistus does, it builds up confidence in the future of collaboration. They are already trailblazers in their industry in Finland, and they stand out as a competitive machine shop across various aspects.”


Avant Tecno sealing

ST-Koneistus manufactures seven-sided aluminum manifolds for Avant Tecno.

Avant Tecno sealing

Manifolds are assembled in the loader’s radiator in the Avant Tecno’s production.

And the radiator assembly is installed in a very tight spot in the loader.

Avant Tecno’s headquarters is located in Ylöjärvi, Finland, with around 400 employees. Company’s machinery is used all over the world.


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