ST-Koneistus has invested over 2 million euros in the production of aluminum hydraulic manifolds

ST-Koneistus has invested over 2 million euros in the production of aluminum hydraulic manifolds
The owner of ST-Koneistus, Tommi Peltonen. In his background, you can see ST-Koneistus' previous Palletech system, which is similar to the coming one, with the exception that it produces iron manifolds and is connected to four machining centers.
 | 15.02.2024

ST-Koneistus, Finland’s largest manufacturer specializing in demanding special series, has made a significant investment in its aluminum manifold production.

The company has invested over two million euros in a production system that includes two Mazak HCN-5000 NEO machining centers, a Palletech system, and an automatic pallet loading system designed and supplied by JTA Connection. Additionally, the investment consists of Mazak’s 396-position tool magazine and a tool transport system, which ensure optimal tool changes for machining operations.

The new production system can be expanded to cover three more machining centers, enabling uninterrupted manifold production around the clock with just one shift.

“We did not make this investment our back against the wall, as we could have managed with our old individual aluminum machines too. However, we wanted to signal to our current customers and the future ones too that ST-Koneistus is a reliable long-term partner capable of guaranteeing not only high-quality but also increased volume,” says Entrepreneur Tommi Peltonen, who is also responsible for ST-Koneistus business development.

The demand for aluminum manifolds has steadily increased in recent years, and ST-Koneistus has also gained new customers in this sector.

Aluminum hydraulic manifolds are primarily used in mobile work machines and their attachments and in various marine industry solutions due to their lightweight structure and excellent corrosion resistance.

The new system is expected to be in production by September 2024.

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