Our Production has Become More Efficient

Our Production has Become More Efficient
ST-Koneistus' entrepreneur and owner Tommi Peltonen and CEO Jarkko Selin.
 | 05.03.2019

The 1400 square meter production space extension that we announced last spring is fully ready. At the same time, we also invested in a new assembly space, two Palletech-equipped Mazak HCN-6800 machining center, and a ToolHive toolbox.

Our new Palletech system is especially productive when the production batches are small but repetitive.

How does our new Pallectech system improve productivity?

  • The system is able to remember all the manifolds that it has previously produced, and the tools required.
  • The system’s programming times are short and, at the same time, production is around the clock.
  • The system allows programming of 32 jobs into a queue, after which the products are completed without an operator.
  • The system also has an option for three new machining centers. The groundwork has already been completed for the first of them. With five machining centers, it is possible to program up to 68 different serial jobs in the queue.


High demand brought challenges

ST-Koneistus was surprised by demand in early 2017. Delivery times rose from the target level of eight weeks to 14 weeks, and some deliveries could not be completed within the stated timeframe.

Tommi Peltonen, entrepreneur and owner, responsible for development at ST-Koneistus, says that the new machines have effectively eradicated production overloading during this year.

“Thanks to new machining centers and Palletech system, delays have now been eliminated. However, they did happen and for that, we are extremely sorry,” Peltonen states.

ST-Koneistus made an investment decision for the extension and the new Mazak HCN-6800 machining centers in autumn 2017. However, the delivery time for the machines was 13 months, plus two months for delayed delivery.

According to Peltonen, ST-Koneistus will do its utmost to avoid a similar situation in the future.

“For example, we are currently marketing a collaborative model to our customers that would provide both parties with better predictability in terms of price and volume. This collaboration model not only improves the management of the process of purchasing and delivering our products but also enables us to make sufficient investments on time.”